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Published on January 27th, 2015 | by To Higher Consciousness


Why do People Cheat on their Partners?

Why do people cheat on their partners?

Loving your significant other should come naturally. There is a reason why you spend so much of your time to be around them and that reason is love. Therefore if you love your partner then why do you often experience jealousy, anger and sometimes-even hate towards the one that you love? Why do people cheat on their partners?

The answer is the ego. Time and time again that ego is going to crop up like the toxic entity that it is and poison your perfect loving relationship. The ego has you believe that there is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ behavior in your partner, which of course is false. There is only your partner’s behavior.

What you view as ‘right’, or ‘wrong’ is based off your own belief system, your own ego. Love should be unconditional, true love has no opposite. Therefore it is time to love your partner with your very essence and not through the filter of your socially conditioned ego.

What is the socially conditioned ego

Ever since you were born everything you have seen, everything you have heard and anything you have experienced has contributed towards what your perception of reality is. That is what is meant by the socially conditioned ego. It is everything that society has taught you about how to behave and what is socially accepted as right or wrong.

When you remove the ego all that remains is true nature. The ego hates true nature and they are both in a constant battle but we will go more into this at another time. It appears that more often than not our true nature wishes to have sexual or intimate relations with more than one partner or with both male and female partners or with older and younger partners; and of course the ego hates this. Is this right or wrong? I am sure society will be more than happy to answer this for you.

We are all unique and society does not know what is best for you. Only you do. You do not need anybody else to tell you what is right or wrong. You only have to listen to your heart because the heart is love and love is never wrong.

Embracing your partners desires

We strive for physical and emotional contact with other beings. We only have to look at how much time primates spend grooming one another, or the efforts other animals will go to for reproduction. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces we currently understand on this earth. It is defiteley abused today.

Sexual energy is also one of the most common reasons for turbulence in a relationship. Usually there comes a time in your relationship when you or your partner desires to have sexual or intimate (emotional /mental) relations with another.  This often creates conflict in the relationship and can lead to unexpected behavior and confusion. Common ways of dealing with this issue are lies; miscommunication, cheating, and/or a compromise in trust that can result in a complete breakdown of the relationship.

If you truly love your partner ‘true love’ which is unconditional, then it should bring you joy to witness your partner having pleasure also; regardless of the source and assuming nobody gets hurt. The ego will want to get jealous. The ego will want to punish your partner for wanting relations with another. What the ego does not realize however is that everybody and everything is connected and the person whom you or your partner desires relations with is as much ‘you’ as your partner is.

So what I’m trying to say here is instead of fighting against the desires of your partner I have always found it more beneficial to go with the desire and even aid them in fulfilling that desire. This is assuming that you love your partner and want them to be happy. This can or often leads into threesomes or closer relations to other individuals and contrary to popular belief instead of creating distance or problems in your relationship it will only bring you closer.

So I think this is why people cheat. One partner desires intimate or sexual relations with another and instead of communicating that desire with his or her partner confidently or properly, they pursue the desire in secret due to the the fear that their partner will not understand. So the point I am trying to stress here is if you are looking (or suspect your partner is looking) for sexual or intimate relations with another, talk to them about it. If you cannot talk to your partner about this type of thing then whats even the point in having a partner? Maybe you two were not that close in first place.

So until next time.

~Stay conscious

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