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New Moon in Taurus 5/6/2016

We have a new moon 5/6/2016 at 12:30 Pst, in the sign of Taurus. New moons are a time of new beginnings and new possibilities, its when the moon becomes darkened in the sky, creating a doorway for our intentions to be sent out into the universe, and attracted back into our lives. This new moon falls in the sign Taurus, which deals with grounding, self-reliance, and bringing light into form.

As the grandtrine of retrograde planets continue assimilating the light key codes it has collected around the sun, this new moon is initiating a new energy cycle to begin bringing these codes of light into form.

This new moon in Taurus is an exciting new moon, it is when a lot of our own ideas towards goals we have discovered on our own spiritual journey begin to take form in the physical plane. This energy cycle is also geared towards reconnecting us with unfinished projects we may have been stuck on in that past and bringing these original intentions and ideas closer to completion.

Jupiter, Pluto and mercury in retrograde, continue guiding us towards our own inward reflection, reminding us that everything we seek, we already have. They reminds us not to seek outside ourselves or look for something new during this cycle, but to go inward and reflect on what you already possess and know.

Reflect on your experiences you went through, and all you have to come to know and understand, and reinterpret these things. This reinterpretation may bring a lot of clarity, insight and wisdom towards the bigger picture , bringing you that much closer to manifesting these goals into fruition.

Light some candles, and clear your environment of dense and negative energy with incense or sage. Set your intention on what you would like to manifest and attract into your life. This new moon in Taurus is here to assist us with bringing our own goals and ideas into form, reminding us that all the wisdom we need to manifest them, lies already within our own inner being.-StarStorm

Sending you unconditional love and a Happy New Moon

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