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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Sept 13, 2015

This Sunday is a New moon Partial Solar eclipse, in the sign of Virgo At 2:41 AM EDT. Although it may only be seen in certain parts of this planet, its energy effects will be felt for the coming of months. This new moon in Virgo, is a doorway for us to create the change we want to see within ourselves and our lives. It is here to help put order within the detail of things in which we may have overlooked the past few months. The new lunar cycle on Sunday, will be the first Energetic phase of events, which creates order and structure within our lives.

As the Fall Equinox approaches, we will be undergoing synchronistic cycles of cosmic energy, which will draw us to dwell deeper within ourselves. These cosmic events that are approaching, are not be feared as “Bad omens”, but embraced, as with great changes opens the doorway of opportunity for spiritual growth and the development of  consciousness. Planetary alignments, will create shifts in energies on earth, preparing the next wave cycle of 6D Geometrical Light integration.  In order for this cosmic ascension energy to integrate, it must breaks down systems to penetrate the matrix of limited realties.

Many structures built on faulty grounds of limiting belief systems, will be shaken in the coming of weeks.  It is time to reexamine our lives with an open and honest heart. To look within the detail of things and see if there is anything that requires change, that’s limiting ones fullest potential. When we are honest with ourselves, and create the changes that are needed, we can than utilize this cosmic energy towards our advantage, in manifesting abundance within our lives.

Chaos will only be felt and seen by those who choose to turn their eye on areas within themselves that require change. This usually brings abrupt changes that may seem catastrophic, but ultimately, it was something built up on the inside, that manifested on the outside, as an abrupt awakening. Gentle awakenings are usually brought upon by those that are honest within areas of their lives that require change, with a sense of compassion and love towards oneself.

Set your intention this new moon, on areas of your life in which you seek to see order and structure on. If you are not sure, and are seeking direction as to where to start, set your intention that you are given synchronistic guidance towards manifesting your many purposes. This is a great time to reflect and analysis ourselves with compassion and love. Take Time this new moon, to meditate on areas of your life in which you may have created  a limited belief or behavior pattern,that  could limit your own spiritual growth and development of consciousness. This new moon is a great time to Change unhealthy eating habits, begin a new exercise routines, or  create unique rituals for your spiritual time that can bring you to a place of peace and love.

This new moon in Virgo is the first of many cosmic cycles, that will call all of earth to dwell deeper within themselves. As the ancient saying goes, When your inner world comes into order, your outer world will come into order.

Sending you unconditional love and a happy new moon.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so excited for this eclipse. I have been waiting for this change to happen in the cosmic beings.

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