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New Moon in Gemini 6/4/2016

We are having a new moon 06/4/2016 at 8:00Pm Pst in the sign of Gemini. New moons are time of new beginnings and new possibilities. It is when the moon become darkened in the sky, creating a doorway for our intentions to be sent out into the universe and attracted back into our lives. This New moon falls in the sign of Gemini, which deals with communication, versatility and the multidimensional aspect of spirit.

As the ever changing current of cosmic energy brings shifts within the matrix of earth, adapting to new ways of receiving light codes will be ever present within our realities.

This new lunar cycle we may find ourselves in situation that may be a bit foreign than our usually environment, Gemini seeks us to be adaptable to the ever changing currents of energy, so that we can obtain the most abundance in any situation we may find ourselves in.

Messengers from many different arenas within the physical plane, may present themselves within our realities within many different forms. We may find ourselves with the unlikeliest of messengers, that may bring insight and wisdom from a different perspective than we are used to perceiving.

Situations may arise where we may find ourselves a bit more versatile in our thinking and communication methods, so that we can achieve our desired goals no matter what situation or environment we may find ourselves in.

Light some candles and clear your environment with incense or sage. Set your intention this new moon on what you would like to attract and manifest in your life. This new moon is here for us to obtain insight and wisdom from the unlikeliest messengers, so that we can achieve the most abundance no matter what may present itself within our current realities.

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