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New Moon in Aries 4/7/2016

We have a new moon in the sign of Aries on 4/7/2016 at 4:24 Am pst. New Moons are time of new beginnings and new possibilities. It’s when a new cycle of energy opens a doorway for our intentions to be sent out into the universe and attracted back into our lives. This new moon falls in the sign of Aries, which deals with courage, self-discovery, and trusting ones Instinct.

Opportunities may arise during this lunar cycle where we may get a chance to discover a new aspect about ourselves that will begin to flourish and develop this year. These new experiences may also answer a question towards the missing pieces of puzzle you may of had at the back of your mind. Aries energy teaches us that the doorway to higher knowledge lies right outside our comfort zone.

This is when we must trust our instinct to either move forward in this new realm of discovery or to step backwards. Evolution of consciousness occurs when we explore new territories and experience new things that can bring further expansion of our own realities. Aries energy teaches us to be assertive in taking action towards what we desire to achieve.

Aries is also the symbol of the ram of courage, and this ram doesn’t tip toe into the unknown, it runs in head first not knowing what will transpire. But by trusting its instinct,this ram knows that when this doorway of opportunity opens, it will have gain further knowledge that will assist it towards the next stepping stone of its own mission here on earth.

Light some candles and clear your environment with incense or sage. Set your intentions this new moon on what you would like to attract into your life. This lunar cycle is here to assist us in charting unknown territories in our lives, so that we can discover new dynamics of abundance that can assist us towards manifesting our own goals into fruition.-StarStorm

Sending you unconditional love and a Happy New Moon!


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