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Mercury Retrograde September 18th-October 10, 2015

As the moon begins to wax, the next phase of energetic cosmic events draws nears. Planetary alignments will be configuring us to dwell inward, to reconstruct and strengthen  the matrix of our inner world.   Earths 2nd cosmic phase of inward transformation, comes from the planet mercury,  which will be going retrograde from September 18th- October 10.When the planet mercury falls into retrograde, it will appear to slow down, stop and move backwards for some days in the night sky, gradually changing direction and moving forward to its regular orbit. This phenomenon has to do with the relative speed of earth as well as their relationship with each other during a particular point in their orbit around the sun.

How does this effect us?

Mercury Retrograde occurs when it is moving backwards into its shadow, so communication, electronics, scheduling, transportation and judgment, may become cloudy or error prone. Mercury Retrograde may bring challenges to our outer world, but it is the inner world where the reconstruction begins. Take full advantage of Mercury Retrograde by clearing your own tendencies to get caught up in your own shadows and those of others. If you find yourself ‘ reacting ’to events or people in ways you normally don’t, take some time to center yourself and refocus. Centering yourself throughout the day will help you to be consciously aware of moments where you may be tempted to respond, in ways that is out of your character.

How can we begin this inward transformation during retrograde?

As Above, So Below We can get the most  out of this retrograde when we align ourselves with the energies of the universe. As mercury revisit  its journey around the sun, so can we, Reflect on your own progress spiritually to how you became the person you are today. This will guide you through this retrograde with ease, when you  catch yourself responding or reacting in old patterns.  Reflect on  journals you may have written in the past,  you may see newer meaning that can benefit you in the present, while were in retrograde. Reconnect with unfinished projects, as creative energy may reignite a vision for its structure to be manifested.    Renew yourself by taking time out to be alone in nature. Earths energy becomes heighten during active cosmic events, so spending alone time in nature will be very therapeutic and healing to your energy field.

Mercury retrograde is a time of reflection and taking a step back, it draws us to appreciate the beauty of transformation, by reflecting on our own achievements. This is a time to pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come while pursuing your goals and mission here on earth.

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