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Full Moon and Solstice 6/20/2016

We have a beautiful full moon 6/20 at 4:02 pst in the sign of Sagittarius. A full moon is a time of culmination and manifestation. It is when the moon is at its fullest capacity of energy, so we can utilize its energy towards our own spiritual and creative work. This full moon is our 2nd full moon in the sign of Sagittarius this year, before it enters Capricorn at 4:55 pst. Sagittarius energy is about higher knowledge, intuition and the expansion of our realities.

Transformative energy is stirring within the matrix of Earth, bringing experiences that are teaching us to see things from a higher perspective. Many experiences and situations may have presented themselves into our reality with a limiting perspective, where one way of perceiving something has limited our own understanding.

Sagittarius energy reminds us to not solely focus on one piece of the puzzle, but to try and understand the bigger picture in any situation that presents itself. Reflecting on all aspects of a situation may bring deeper insight and clarity towards the bigger picture of the puzzle.

The solstice also begins 6/20 at 22:34 utc, when the full moon will have entered Capricorn, which will bring a sense of motivation in our lives geared towards manifesting our ultimate goals.

The solstice is a time when the seasons change and solar culmination has taken place on the northern and southern hemisphere.

The summer solstice brings the fullest amount of light to earth, bringing our awareness towards the higher planes, and winter solstice draws consciousness inward bringing light to the hidden parts of one’s subconscious

As the solstice brings a change in energy, geared towards our own spiritual evolution, this full moon reminds us to see the bigger picture in things, as we continue down this road of discovery -StarStorm

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