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Full Moon In Scorpio 4/21/2016

We have a full moon tonight at 10:25 Pst in the sign of Scorpio. Full moons are a time of culmination and manifestation. It is when the moons at its fullest capacity, so we can utilize its energy towards our own spiritual and creative work. This intense full moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which deals with letting go, Metamorphosis and Rebirth.

Scorpios energy seeks to transmute densities into light within the matrix of earth. It invites us to reach to new levels of ecstasy, through letting go of that which is preventing our own spiritual growth. Transcending the limitations of the physical dimension, requires the art of letting go of fears and limiting beliefs.

Scorpio is also linked with sexual energy, as the inner desire to merge and become one with another, is linked with the desire to become one with the universe. Divine alchemy is the essence of Scorpio, which is the art of letting go of one’s inhibitions, in order to soar to new heights of consciousness, divine ecstasy and empowerment.

If you have been feeling stuck recently, or any type of blockage of some kind, it may be due to a unconscious securities that you maybe holding onto internally. Take sometime to go inward and be honest with yourself, in regards to beliefs you maybe holding onto, that are limiting you in some shape or form. When you bring Light to these areas within and release them you will begin to remove the energy blockages that may have kept you stuck from achieving your fullest potential.

Clearing of this kind allows room within your energy field to receive the full benefits of this moons energy, which may includes heighten levels of creative and psychic energy, increased sexual energy and deeper clarity towards one vision.

This full moon in Scorpio is here to breakdown our internal barriers and allow something new and exciting to be rebirthed within us all. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes this moons energy’s here to transmute our own inner darkness into our greatest light.-StarStorm

Sending you unconditional love and happy full moon!


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