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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra 3/23/2016

We have a full moon Lunar eclipse on 3/23/2016 at 5:01 AM Pst in the sign of Libra. A Penumbral eclipse occurs when the moon passes through the earths shadow, where it will darken slightly but not completely. This eclipse will be mostly visible in Asia, eastern Australia, the Pacific Ocean and the west coast of north America.

This Eclipse will begin a new cycle of transformation and deeper awareness within the matrix of earth, geared toward the expansion of realities. This portal of energy is bringing awareness in areas of our lives where limitations have been made, and balance is needed.

Libra is the sign of extremes, and it is within the extreme of things, in which we become aware of being out of balance. Awareness on what may be lacking may fall through do to the nature of the extreme focus or attention on only one aspect in ones life or in any given situation.

This may cause indecisiveness, or deep feeling as if something is lacking, because the polarity of this focus of attention is being sensed and not actualized. Taking a step outside of ourselves, and seeing things objectively in any given situation, can bring deeper clarity in where balance in our lives is needed, and how we can better assert ourselves.

Inspiration of all forms and kind may come through as well, through synchronistic encounters with people , music ones listening to, or within the beauty of ones natural environment. These all may bring some hidden message or wisdom that may assist you somehow in creating the added balance within your life.

This lunar eclipse also conjuncts with another black hole in galaxy M-87 at 02°Libra 9 , This super galactic center is emitting cosmic ascension energy towards the next cycle of spiritual Downloads geared for this sector of existence.

Spiritual downloads are when 6D geometrical light codes, flow through the cosmic light waves into your chakra centers. The 8th chakra above your crown, will transduce these 6D light codes into you 7 chakra vortex centers, where they will be housed and processed as we journey towards the next solstice that approaches in the coming months.

These downloads are toward the expansion of consciousness within ones reality, bringing deeper understanding to a question you may have at the back of your mind, as well information geared towards your own spiritual evolution.
These codes comes from the purest of love vibrations that will assist with our own integration of our higher multidimensional selves.

When meditating to receive spiritual downloads, remember to be receptive as the moon is to the light of the sun, when we are receptive and not constricted we can let this cosmic energy permeate our energetic bodies and flow with ease through each chakra center.

This full moon is a great time as well to work on any spiritual or creative project as psychic and creative energy will be heighten on this active cosmic event.

This full moon is here to bring balance back into our realities, through attracting beauty and all forms of spiritual and creative inspiration. May this full moon light remind you of the light you carry within. -StarStorm

Sending you unconditional love and happy full moon!

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