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Full Moon in Taurus October 27th, 2015

We are having a full moon Oct 27 at 12:05 UTC in the sign of Taurus. A polarity of energies is creating heighten  levels  of psychic energy on earth,  to assist us in manifesting our spiritual and creative work. From the sun  journeying into the sign of Scorpio, driving consciousness to release and transform , to the full moon in Taurus bringing the beauty of light into form, an alchemy of   cosmic energy is taking place, structuring and expanding the realities within the matrix of earth to assist us in manifesting our goals into fruition.

Venus has been the magnetic influence of this lunar cycle, from the new moon in Libra to the full moon in Taurus, Venus rules both signs and deals with beauty, love and inspiration. Beauty is psychic energy, and it is the beauty of simplicity within the structure of earth, that will bring a heightened sense of psychic and creative energy to this planet.

As this lunar cycles brings inspiration into our lives, this full moon gives us the creative energy to bring our ideas and goals into form. Finding ways to manifest a goal into the physical may present itself through the inspiration  of earths beauty herself. Earth’s energy is heightened when a full moon is in Taurus, the beauty of nature and earthly possessions within our physical environment, will carry a heightened boost of psychic energy, to assist us with strengthening our own intuition.  This is a great night to not only set your crystal out, but to find earthly possessions from loved ones or anything of  sentimental value and keep it near during your spiritual and creative work.

This full moon calls us to ground and find inspiration within the simplicity of things. It is here, where deeper hidden meanings and understandings of situations, have a way of presenting itself to consciousness in a unique and formally fashion.   an alignment with the Pleiades cluster this full moon will also take place as well, where love and inspiration will be sent  to the living library of earth as we continue down this journey of inner self transformation.

What are some items that have deep meaning to you in which you posses within your environment? items from a loved one? crystals? journal? an item that holds deep value to your heart  may inspire creativity in the next step towards what you seek to manifest.

Sending you unconditional love,



Sending you unconditional love,



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