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Full Moon in Capricorn 7/19/2016

We have a full moon 7/19/2016 at 3:57 pst in the sign of Capricorn. Full moons are time of culmination and manifestation, it’s when the moons at its fullest capacity of energy for us to utilize towards or own spiritual and creative work. This full moon falls in the sign of Capricorn, which deals with ambition, structure and manifesting goals in the external world .

During this full moon we become highly aware of the responsibilities needed to achieve a desired outcome within the external world.

Capricorn energy is about emotional maturation, determination and drive. It motivates us to stay focused on our desired goals when we may feel tempted to go off track.

Situations and people may come into our lives bringing awareness towards the next steps needed to achieve our short term and long term goals.

We create our realities, and the energy of this moon seeks to keep us motivated and driven towards whatever we set our minds attention to.

If we focus on what we seek to manifest we will attract energy to motivate us on how we can ultimately achieve that desired outcome. if we focus on what we do not want, we will continue attracting that same energy.

As the full moon arrives creating the structure needed to manifest our desired goals, we gain insight and awareness on how we can achieve it, one conscious step at a time-StarStorm

Sending you unconditional love and Happy full moon,

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