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Equinox – The Cosmic Reset 3/20/2016

On 3/20/2016 at 4:30 UTC, the equinox begins, which ignites a cosmic reset that realigns and updates the system of nature and all of life on earth. The Spring and autumn equinox is when the sun rides over the equatorial zones creating an equal distribution of light and darkness in both northern and southern hemispheres.

The entire system of nature functions on light vibration, Cosmic information is distributed to earth through light frequencies, and when it is increased or diminished it deeply impacts the nature of consciousness. Autumn with less light brings us to dwell deeper into our inner world, as spring brings more light where we are naturally attracted to our external world, expanding our awareness and horizons.

This equinox is also herald as a new year for many ancient cultures as the sun begins a new journey around the zodiac. As the sun enters the sign of Aries, new energy springs forth that sets the tone and vibration for our new cycle around the zodiac.

If you choose to set your intentions this equinox on what you seek to work on this coming year, be prepared for an accelerated path of transformation. Eventually you will notice that what is in your mind is creating the realities all around you.

Equinox opens an energetic doorway that imprints the field of existence on what we seek to manifest during this new cycle around the zodiac. It sets the energetic tone of the year where each lunar cycle adds bits and pieces to the energetic puzzle of our ultimate intentions we are working towards.

Before the Equinox begins, is a great time to clear your environment with sage, so you can prevent all unwanted energies from past cycles, to not carry over into this new cycle around the zodiac.

Resetting our systems and starting clean can help bring us the needed balance back into our lives and towards what is we seek to manifest this coming new year.-StarStorm

Sending you unconditional love and Happy Equinox!

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