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The Best Burger in the World and Its Vegan? Full Recipe and Video inside.

My Cheeseburger addiction & Finding the perfect burger

Hey so let me tell you about a little obsession of mine. After a lot of hype and 10 years of experimentation using only plants a genius was able to replicate the taste, texture, smell and feel of Americas most beloved staple food. The Hamburger.

I really did not want to get to excited over this geniuses burger because in all honesty during my 5 years of veganism nothing has even come close to being as tasty as I remember a really good burger to be.

I gritted my teeth and forced a smile when my friends asked me how my corn, quinoa broccoli burger is. Yet I made my peace with it. I even kidded myself into thinking I enjoyed the grass burgers. The new beyond burger was becoming nothing more than a myth.

The Beyond Burger is About to Change History!

Then one day walking through whole foods I seen the burger that I had been reading about. There it was ‘The Beyond Burger’.

I tried it that night and in all honesty just could not believe how good it was. I almost felt guilty eating due to it being so close to the real thing.

To double check it is for sure good as I thought it was (mind I had not ate a regular cheese burger for over 5 years).

I decided to do a little experiment on my brother.

Now quick brief here. My brother is about the polar opposite to me as I believe humanly possible. He is the last person I ever expect to give vegan food a try.

It has been some time since we last saw eye to eye and he asked me if Im still vegan. I cunningly replied:

“No, but I only eat grass fed organic cow meat'”. My brother looked pretty excited to hear this and even more excited when I offered to cook him a quote on quote “grass fed organic beef burger”. I told him “you can REALLY taste the difference in quality”.

I was ballsy but I thought fuck it. I didn’t even hide the packaging. He never even checked. I quickly tossed it in the trash and began cooking our burgers. He watchedd them sizzle over my shoulder and still never seemed to suspect a thing.

When all was done and dusted he scoffed down half of it and only paused to say “Wow you REALLY can taste the difference, these are way better”. I waited until he had completely finished before telling him it was vegan and not organic grass fed cow.

He looked a little embarrassed for he has always made fun of my veganism. His blushing face paused and said “I would definitely have this again”.

My Secret Recipe

Here I want to share my very simple recipe for my favourite way to make them. I copied my old favourite burger the In’N’Out cheeseburger.

I also decided to create a short video which I uploaded below.

Excited to hear all your thoughts in the comments.

Recipe: Serves 2

Vegan In’n’out cheeseburger

2x Beyond Burger Patties

1x onion

1x tomato

2x handful of iceberg lettuce


3x cups of just mayo (vegan mayo)

2x cups of ketchup

1x cup of relish

1x cup of yellow mustard


First pop burger patties on grill with medium heat for 3 minutes each side. No oil needed but coconut or butter works well.

After the first side is cooked for 3 minutes you may now flip it. Add cheese and cover for another 3 minutes.

Mix the sauces and relish together.

Chop up the vegetables.

Toast the buns for 30 seconds and then add it all together!

Bon appetite.

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