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Published on March 3rd, 2016 | by THC


Bashar Talks About DMT and the Meaning of Life

Bashar introduces DMT in short:

There are generally three levels to the DMT experience. The first is called the pre-hallucinatory experience in which the user feels a contentment with his or her consciousness and may feel energy overflowing from the inside. The second level features vivid, dreamlike and colorful geometric hallucinations. The third level usually follows a tunnel or breakthrough phase where a viel parts and one is subjected to the feeling of entering another world completely. Once this transition is complete users report a higher diminsional space and contact with entities.

“This stage is characterized by the experience of being in an “objective” space, that is, a space of at least three dimensions in which objects or entities may be encountered. Sometimes the entities appear to be intelligent and communicating beings. This stage may be extremely energetic with an experience of everything happening incomprehensibly fast. Alternatively it may be relatively coherent. Travel is possible at Level III. One may, for example, assume the form and consciousness of a bird, and fly as a bird does (cf. Castaneda [15], pp. 191-196). The limits of this stage, if any, are unknown. There may be transitions to further stages.” Source: Erowid

An in-depth discussion with Bashar on other dimensions and higher planes:

There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That’s how powerful you are.


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