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Ancient Knowledge, Sexual Energy, and Manifestation.

Ancient Knowledge, Sexual Energy, and Manifestation.

It is obvious that sexual energy is one of if not the most powerful force on our planet. For without it none of us could even be here right now.

It is one of the strongest influencers of our everyday life. Just studying the animal kingdom will give one a quick idea of extremes males will do for access to a female. Birds build impressive structures, Elephant seals fight to the death, Lions kill young to make lionesses fertile.

While females will also do the most bizarre and incredible things to ensure they raise healthy offspring. Preying mantis will eat a male’s head during intercourse to ensure she has enough energy for her young. Lady spiders will even be their baby spider’s first meal.

It appears in this divine game in the animal kingdom at least that a females job is to attract the best mate and resources for her self and her young, while it is programmed into males to try to access as many females as possible.

Our society today has become obsessed with sex. Sexual energy has become polluted and abused in many ways. Females are used to sell poison in the form of beer commercials. The sex trade and pornography have exploded in popularity comprising of almost 15% of the entire Internet. It is safe to say there is demand here on planet Earth.

How can sexual energy be harnessed?

Well, it was no secret to the ancient Egyptians that sexual energy was a powerful force to be wielded. In fact, it is believed the ankh was used to reverberate the energy created from orgasm back in the chakras making the orgasm last for hours.

Egyptian Ankh

When we are in that space of oneness interconnection our desires thoughts intentions and emotions play a key role into manifestation because this is when we are at our most powerful. If sex is purely lustful primal and without any intention it can rarely be utilized for manifesting something meaningful. If the experience is very desirable it will probably just default result in a repeated experience.

Let me use loops as an example. A loop is something that will keep recurring unless broken. This could be the same sexual experience over and over. When we have a sexual experience and we hold a particular thought in our mind during the experience there is a greater chance of manifesting it.

Maybe we are thinking about a new coworker or a new position to try, or simply how much enjoyment is being felt and the desire to repeat it.

Sexual transmutation and porn

This also happens when we watch porn. We manifest the experience into our life one way or another. Or simply put the same experience will continue to manifest by watching the same types of porn over and over again becoming stuck in a loop. When the particular act becomes uninteresting users will find even more extreme/exciting things to view, never quite exiting the loop.

Another way to use our sexual energy is to write out our desires on to a piece of paper. To then consciously engage into sexual experience either alone or with another like-minded individual. To then hold the desires in mind while having the experience.

This is not to say we should use our partner purely for the reason of manifestation but to partake in the action together charging the intentions with more power.

At the very least this practice can be done alone by loving yourself. This is not done by trying to relieve frustration or stress but by taking care of your self and demonstrating self-love. Speaking kindly to one’s self and touching in a way you would like to be touched by others purely focusing on manifestation during the process.

This is why porn can be a waste of time and energy. It is using the most potent and creative life force of the universe and using it on things that will probably bring no true benefit to one’s life. It is possible that the desire of what is seen on the screen may then manifest in the physical but will most likely just result in another video on a screen hours days or weeks later. Either way, what real value does it give?

This is not to say sex cannot be fun, or should only be used in this way. Sex is natural and one of easiest ways to experience oneness and divine connection. This is just one manifestation tool that can be effective in pursuing one’s own personal growth.

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