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8 Reasons You Should Be Positive About Our Future

So since the beginning of humanity, we have been up against major challenges of survival and growth as a species. When you look at the World today, and all of the crazy news from far and wide, it’s easy to say things were simpler and better in the past.

However, I believe that right now is the most exciting time we have ever experienced as humans, and here’s why:

1) The Internet, Live Streaming & CrowdFunding

The internet allows us to share our  information, wisdom and opinions on the matters of the day, even the moment, in real time. What would we have done 200 years ago with our precious time? Chisel selfies?

Each day the internet gives us greater transparency into the World. We now have a more accurate assessment of what’s going on everywhere and how we can get involved. From CrowdFunding the small brilliant inventors of our time to live feed camera videos of government protests, the internet is a wide window into humanity at large.

The internet will continue to grow, giving us greater connectivity, generosity and consideration toward one another. Don’t mind the trolls, we are building bridges to the future!

2) We Can Solve Homelessness

If you are like me, it pains you to see people on the streets without having adequate homes, shelter and safety. Homelessness is nothing new, and has been a major humanitarian issue since the monetization of land, real estate and home ownership.

Luckily, it would cost us only $20 Billion to end homelessness in the U.S.A. That’s less money than Americans spend on Christmas decorations each year alone. There are less than 1 Million reported homeless people in the states and currently there are more vacant homes in the U.S.A. than there are homeless people. Actually, we have enough resources to feed and house everyone, everywhere on the planet.

Homelessness is a major social issue, and with the right resources and a shift in our priorities as a civilization, this problem can be solved forever. This turning point will be a highlight of our evolution as a species.

3) We Can Feed the Hungry

People are starving, and it’s an uncomfortable truth for all of us. Especially, for those in the U.S.A. or Europe, where we live in an an overly abundant marketplace, full of all kinds of food.

Did you know that we have almost double the amount of obese people in the World than malnourished people? Aren’t the overweight Americans and the starving, painfully skinny children of Africa an accurate and very clear representation of the need for a redistribution of resources? We produce enough food to feed 12 Billion people, even a UN official has said, “We are letting them starve.”

We are all responsible, as there have been few willing to enter the system to get major reform on this sensitive subject. It would only cost us $30 Billion to eradicate hunger. To put that in perspective, we have spent over $800 Billion in the Iraq War so far. We could have solved homelessness and hunger Globally more than 10x over.

The moral of this story, is that we need to stop killing one another and start supporting, loving and nourishing each other. Crime rates drop dramatically when people have food, home and work. It’s pretty simple, when people aren’t scared and acting out of fear of survival, everything changes. I hope this excites you, a shift in our perspective and priorities as a species can solve these major issues.

These big changes are inevitable.

 4) We Can Resolve all Poverty

This one piggy-backs on the prior two, as World hunger and homelessness are a big part of ending Global Poverty. Knowing it will only cost $175 Trillion to do so, or only 1 percent of GDP, a fourth of what we spend on defense every year, we can lift every American alone above the poverty line. (p.s. Pardon the reference to primarily U.S. statistics, I am just more familiar with it and it seems more available online.)

I mean call me crazy, but if we end poverty, I imagine that would be pretty good for the economy. Again, this is a major priority which is being pushed to the forefront of social reform. These Global statistics were not available in such detail and scrutiny as they are now.

Now, that the truth has been revealed, it can’t be ignored and change is inevitable. Stay excited & get involved!

5) Philanthropy is All the Rage!

(ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Much?) The ALS Foundation has raised nearly $80 Million since the beginning of the Ice Bucket Challenge viral madness! The greatest lesson we have learned from this is that supporting important causes has become cool and a popular thing to do.

Also, the World’s richest are now coming together to use their Billions in Wealth for the better. That’s right, many of the 1% are giving back in a big way, towards causes and innovative solutions to solve major Global issues.

Knowing we can come together so quickly as a species to rally for solutions for these big ass glaring problems, well, that’s a sign of progress and one HUGE reason to be excited for the future. Hopefully, soon no crisis will be so great it won’t have the rally and support behind it. We are proving to be a caring and considerate species. It is our truest nature.

6) Smart Phones, Cars, Houses, Buildings

From Tesla Cars, to Android Watches and now Smart Homes and even Smart Lights that turn on when you are in the room, the World is getting brighter.

Technology is finding its way into everything, making our World customizable, engaging and highly intelligent from the micro to the macro. Technology has historically made our World more available to our creative input. This trend is one in which technology liberates humans, and for this reason I think we should be stoked on what’s to come.

7) 3D Printed Everything

Did you know that you can 3D print a house? What if I told you you could build 10 in one day with a single machine? It’s already happening, and is oddly satisfying to watch!

3D printing is taking over the World of commerce and industry. Firstly, it entails we don’t need so many goods, tools and stuff transported over long distances, which truly taxes our resources. It allows each person to make what they need, develop what they want to creatively innovate while redirecting power from the immense corporate, consumer industry.

3D Printing is one step closer to an open source World. One where we share with each other all that we benefit from. Paradigm shift, anyone?

8) We Are In This Together

The biggest reason we should be positive about our future and what’s in store for us, is that our rise in intelligence, evolutionary progress and technology has given us a new value system for life.

We know we live on a pale blue dot of a planet in the middle of the big sea of the Universe. We know we are 99% identical genetically and have the same fundamental needs. We now know what it will take to meet those needs and to ensure we are all cared for as as species.

Imagine what we could create if we stopped fighting each other and started caring for each other? That’s the future I’m committed to creating. I hope you meet me there.


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