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Lemon is the foundation for many types of cleanses out there, as it is known to kick start the digestive system.

In addition, we have found ten more ways that drinking warm, lemon-infused water every morning can aid your health.

1. It Balances pH.

Lemon is a very alkaline food. By drinking it every day, you’ll be going a long way to reducing your body’s overall acidity.

You may think this sounds counter-intuitive because lemons contain citric acid, but it does not add acidity while the body metabolizes it.

2. Lemon Water Is Great For Digestion.

Lemon is a cleanser, which means that it acts as a flusher for unwanted material. What it does is stimulate the liver to produce bile, an acid required for digestion. The added benefit of efficient digestion is less heartburn and constipation.

3. It’s a Diuretic.

Diuretics increase the rate of urination, which allows the body to purify itself better.

When you urinate more, toxins are released at a more rapid rate, keeping your urinary system healthy.

4. It Provides Your Immune System With a Boost.

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, which helps prevent and fight colds. They are also high in potassium, which aids brain and nerve function, as well as controlling blood pressure.

5. Lemon Water Assists With Weight Loss.

Pectin fiber is a substance that helps reduce hunger cravings, and lemons are chock full of it.

Also, foods that are alkaline assist in weight loss.

6. It Clears Skin.

Vitamin C, in addition to fighting colds, helps to clear blemishes from the skin. Lemon water acts as a toxin purge from the blood, which also helps to keep the skin healthy. Lemon water can be used as a topical as well, especially for scar tissue.

7. Keeps You Zen.

When you are feeling stressed out, Vitamin C is one of the first vitamins that the body uses up.

Lemons, as we said before, are full of vitamin C.

8. Lemon Water Freshens Breath.

This one is obvious. What’s not is that lemon water also fights gingivitis and relieves tooth pain. Watch your intake, though, as the citric acid can also erode tooth enamel.

9. It Relieves Respiratory Problems.

If you have a lung infection or persistent cough, warm lemon water can help. It is also thought to assist with allergies and asthma.

10. It Helps If You’re Trying To Quit Coffee.

A hot drink in the morning can serve as a placebo for coffee. Your warm lemon water will actually stave off cravings.

Why Hot Water?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, cold drinks serve as a shock or stress factor for the body. It actually takes more energy to process drinks that are really hot or really cold.

A half wedge of lemon per glass is plenty. Enjoy!

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